If you are looking for Scooter Muse, now you have found me.

I am available in several ensembles –

Some Celtic combinations with the following:

1. As a duo with Jil Chambless spotlighting our individual CDs (“The Ladies Go Dancing”, “Saddell Abbey” and “The Road to Kintyre”) as well as our duo CDs, “The Lang Awa Ships”, “Passing Tales & Glories” and “The Laverock Sang” (http://www.jilchambless.com/sounds.html)

2. In a trio with Ed Miller (www.songsofscotland.com) and Jil Chambless (www.jilchambless.com)

3. Henris Notions, the longest running Celtic band in the South

4. In some cases, with Jil Chambless and fiddle great John Taylor as a trio.

5. A 5 string banjo player for almost 45 years. Either with a full bluegrass band for whatever the occasion may require, as a studio player for recording sessions or providing expert instruction with private lessons for the 5 string banjo.

6. Available to record 5 string banjo or Celtic oriented guitar to your personal project by doing tracks here and flying the files. To date I have played on recordings with groups or individuals from Canada, Florida, New York, Scotland and Israel.

I am also proud to be considered a Master Folk Artist with the Alabama State Council on the Arts.

Please feel free to email me at the link below.

Thanks for stopping by.